Mark Peterson discusses 'Political Theatre'

February 13th, 2016, braving the polar vortex, photojournalist Mark Peterson took a break from covering the presidential primaries in New Hampshire and South Carolina and ventured up to Beacon, New York to discuss his process covering the 'Political Theatre' that is the 2016 Presidential Campaign, in conjunction with his exhibit at Fovea. Moderated by Stephanie Heimann, Photo Director for The New Republic.

Thank you to the Volunteer team of Fovea and especially to J.P. Pacquing, who filmed this event.


Debi Cornwall discusses 'Gitmo at Home; Gitmo at Play'.

 Debi Cornwall discusses the current legal situation of the Guantánamo prisoners and the censorship process of the images that appear in her exhibit at Fovea, 'Gitmo at Home; Gitmo at Play'. June 13, 2015, at Fovea Exhibitions, Hudson Beach Glass Beacon New York. Moderated by Sabine Meyer, Director of Photography for the National Audubon Society.

Thank you to the Volunteer team of Fovea and especially to J.P. Pacquing, who filmed this event.


Daniel Berehulak discusses covering the Ebola Crisis

Photojournalist Daniel Berehulak on covering Ebola at Fovea Exhibitions

 Fovea Exhibitions presents photojournalist Daniel Berehulak in a rare talk about his process and the challenges in covering the Ebola crisis as a portrait series shot for the New York Times. Berehulak discusses how he created a temporary photographic studio in an Ebola camp in rural Liberia, how was required to seal off every part of his body before venturing into the high-risk areas, and a first person account of his interaction with the Ebola workers, survivors, and Liberian people. Berehulak is an award-winning photojournalist based between Barcelona, Spain and New Delhi, India, and spent 6 weeks covering this story. The exhibit features striking black and white photographic portraits and interviews of workers and survivors of the epidemic in a clinic. The exhibit was view at Hudson Beach Glass in Beacon, New York, Jan- Feb 2015.

Thank you to the Volunteer team of Fovea and especially to J.P. Pacquing, who filmed this event.


Artist talk at the opening of WAR & MEMORY 

Photojournalist Erin Trieb & veteran Artist Brittan Walker Artist Talk.

Photojournalist Erin Trieb, founder of the Homecoming Project and veteran Artist Brittan Walker talk about their powerful wartime experiences and how it led to their artistic and documentary process, and how the Homecoming Project was founded.

Given on April 12th, 2014, at the opening of the group exhibit WAR TO MEMORY, presented by the Homecoming Project.  This group exhibit combines the work of photojournalists and returned military veteran artists, both documenting  the ongoing struggles faced by our military communities in photography, writing, works on paper, and scuplture.

Acclaimed photojournalists included in the exhibition include Cynthia Bittenfield, VII Photo’s Ashley Gilbertson, Bronx Documentary Center’s Michael Kamber, VII Photo’s Ed Kashi, Gina LeVay, Andrew Lichtenstein, Brandon Thibodeaux, Erin Trieb, Peter van Agtmael of Magnum Photos, Pulitzer prize winner Craig F. Walker from the Denver Post, and Damon Winter of the New York Times.

Special Thanks to Fovea's Volunteer Team for producing this event, and especially to J.P. Pacquing, for filming this artist talk.


Conservation Journal by Jason Houston

January 18th, 2014, photographer Jason Houston presents an in-depth understanding of "Conservation Journal" in a slideshow and talk on his approach featuring additional images and stories from over 10 years of doing cause driven photography.

From fisheries management to deforestation, from endangered species protection to ethical meat production, Houston’s images help make exotic, complex, and sometimes controversial stories personal and accessible to a broader audience at his solo show on view at Fovea Exhibitions, in Beacon, NY.

His photographs underscore the point that conservation work cannot simply be about preserving plants and animals, but must also improve the lives of the people who are the stewards of these natural resources. The show includes images from conservation projects around the world, including Borneo, Mexico, Seychelles, Nicaragua, Kenya, Belize, Ecuador, Peru, and the United States.

Jason Houston is a fellow of the International League of Conservation Photographers. Based in Boulder, he concentrates on long-term projects. His goal in documenting environmental issues is not merely to educate, or document success, but to provoke conversations about the underlying dynamics of conservation work. Mr. Houston is widely published in the national press, he exhibits and lectures across the country, and he teaches photography and documentary workshops privately and for various national organizations.

Thank you to the Volunteer team of Fovea and especially to J.P. Pacquing, who filmed this event.