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Anrew Lichtenstein presents his photoessay on prisons to Dutchess County studentsOn December 11th 2008 national media photographer Andrew Lichtenstein was in the Beacon area to speak to students about his experiences photographing prisons in conjunction with his exhibition ‘Behind Bars' currently on view at Fovea Exhibitions. Ken Bloomfield and Pasha Kelly of the Osborne Association joined Mr. Lichtenstein to share some of their personal stories to students in Dutchess County.

ANDREW LICHTENSTEIN: Mr. Lichtenstein is a native of New York City. His work on prisons and incarceration has appeared in books, newspapers and magazines, including Time Magazine, U.S. News and World Report, and The New York Times. His photographic essays have taken him to Haiti, South Africa, and across America, exploring poverty, addiction, the prison industrial complex, and the casualties of war.
With students from an after school program at FoveaKEN BLOOMFIELD: Mr. Bloomfield, an Osborne Association Family Services Specialist, has worked in the criminal justice system for almost 19 years. During most of his career, he directed programs designed to keep people out of prison. For the past year and a half he has counseled, taught and provided case management services to men in prison. A former High School teacher and trained psychotherapist, he is also a former addict and a convicted hashish smuggler who spent almost 3 years in a Federal Penitentiary for his crimes.
PASHA KELLY: Ms. Kelly is the Program Assistant in the Osborne Association's Beacon office. Her father was sentanced to 15-45 years in New York State Correctional Facilites when she was 5 years old, and she was 21 when he was released. She is currently a senior at Monroe College and will graduate with a degree in criminal justice in June.

Ken Bloomfield relates his experiences to high school students.

The Osborne Association offers opportunities for individuals who have been in conflict with the law to transform their lives through innovative, effective, and replicable programs that serve the community by reducing crime and its human and economic costs.

This is the fourth educational presentation Fovea is bringing to Hudson Valley schools, presented with gracious support from the Ann and Abe Effron Fund of the Community Foundation of Dutchess County.


November 8th + 9th photojournalist ZIYAH GAFIC guest lectured to Hudson Valley students ranging in age from 10-20 at the following schools: Beacon High School, Washington High School, Beacon Community Center after school program.

Friday October 19 war photojournalist RON HAVIV sat down to discuss current events in Darfur with junior school students in Beacon, NY, at his exhibit 'The Children of Darfur' on display at Fovea Exhibitions.

These students were part of a local program designed to provide teenagers with educational alternatives to spending time in the streets.

This was an opportunity for local students to hear and see firsthand from a member of the international press corps the plight of the refugees in Darfur, including stories about young Sudanese teenagers roughly the same age as themselves. Mr. Haviv visited Beacon High School, Washingtonville High School, and Beacon Community Center middle school students.

Ron Haviv has produced some of the most important images of conflict and other humanitarian crises that have made headlines from around the world since the end of the Cold War. Top magazines worldwide publish a co-founder of the elite photography agency VII, Haviv’s work.

Mr. Haviv donated his time to educate these and other students on the plight of the civilians of Darfur, including stories about young Sudanese teenagers roughly the same age as the children to whom he will be speaking. Mr. Haviv also visited Beacon High School students earlier in the day.

FOVEA is an educational charity designed to promote awareness of international and domestic news events through the works of photojournalism. It opened in May of this year, and this event marks the start of FOVEA’s educational programs with regional schools and community organizations.

“This presentation was amazing. I can’t find the words to express how moved I was with it. I am totally blown away by Mr. Haviv’s bravery and drive to do this. The only word I can think of is amazing. I am so thrilled to have been given the opportunity to go to this presentation.”
Emily Sneyd

“He was pretty cool. He spoke well about important matters. His pictures were amazing. He really changes your perspective on certain events. He was there. Now he’s here. Its that kind of thing that really reaches people.”

“I liked how he showed us pictures not just talked to us. He showed videos and the pictures showed a lot of expression to them. But it was awesome! Thanks Mr. Haviv!”-
Veronica Moseman

“It was a good presentation, very detailed and interesting, humbling.”
Steven Zehner

“I really enjoyed being able to see slideshows of Ron’s other photos and hearing about the struggling places and people he’d visited. It was good to learn more about the outrageous statistics and overwhelming hardships. I wish, thought, that he was have spoken more about his career, actually taking the pictures, being put in certain situations, etc. Overall, it was a good event (and I love going to see Fovea’s exhibits!)”
Cheyenne Cole

“Nice. It was very interesting to hear someone’s personal stories. It was cool to see pictures of war. But not so graphic because I felt a little sick. Any people get queasy around blood, but thanks for the opportunity.”
Mike Bilyou

“I enjoyed the presentation. It was interesting how he went to those places and took those pictures that ended up having troops come in and fix things.”
Justin Ramine

“I thought Ron did an excellent job in coming in and telling his story. His pictures were phenomenal and I was shocked! At first I didn’t know if I was going to believe his story but the pictures and stories were so realistic. And for someone to come and tell their story to show people what life is like for other people is very respectable. Respect comes for a whole new lever for him since he risks his life to just inform others of how other people live and how was take things for granted. It was awesome. Wooo Hooo Ron Haviv!”
Theresa Tompkins

“I mostly enjoyed the setup of his presentation because after a clip he would explain everything within the clip. It was interesting to hear about his own experiences in foreign countries. I’m really thankful that I was able to be at his presentation.”
Fahja Simmons

“The presentation was very interesting and informative.”
Angela Sanchez

“It was good, very informational, very heart-warming and I think if everyone went, they would feel different when they walked out of the room.”
Maggie Lynch

Wade Carmichael

“The photos were absolutely amazing. They were very eye-opening as to the reality of what’s going on in other places. Very inspiring to try and help in any way possible!”
Nicole Dotter

“It was very educational and enlightening about different conflicts around the world. He was a very good speaker who brought light to a situation that isn’t know well by the entire student body.” Lindsay Pologe

“I thought that he was really good at knowing when to stop taking pictures and actually help someone.” Shannon Pagliaro

“I really liked the presentation, I felt that it really helped me get a better understanding for just some of the things that happen in foreign lands, and it helped me see how their society works.” Danny Keeler

“Great documentary! I really enjoyed it!” Dan Clocken

“It was inspirational. He does what he has to do to put out the truth.” Ryan Pagliaro

“The presentation was very informative. I did not know that so many places were in such bad shape. I thought Mr. Haviv shared his opinions and experiences well.” Josef Gaster

“I thought the speaker and videos were both fun and informative. Also that I have actually seen some of the photographs by the speaker I found to be cool.” Garrett Stephens

“It was very interesting and an eye opener to problems I didn’t know that much about.”
Amy Neibahr

“I thought that the presentation was really interesting. I got to see a lot of things that I really didn’t know about. It was interesting to find out new things about different situations going on around the world.” Tejorn Davis

“I am very grateful for the presentation. It is a very important message that needs to be heard.” Rachel Palmiero

“I think that Ron Haviv is a very talented man and that his work is inspiring. I love how he can go out to horrible places and witness/capture violence. I also find it amazing how he can go to a place where his life is literally on the line. I love his pictures.” Mia FioRito

“I thought that the program was very educational and touching. It was a really good presentation that contained a lot of useful information. It gave us knowledge on topics we did not know too much about. It was a very interesting presentation and Ron Haviv is a very talented man. I enjoyed attending this event.” Kelly Koomer

“It was an amazing experience. What Ron is doing is amazing work. He is a very incredible man who had inspired me to not just look at our country but look at others and help them if they are in need. We only have one world and we should help save it, even with just recycling.”
Imani Ambroister

“Very moving pictures. I felt as I was experiencing the real thing. Ron Haviv is a great speaker. I think his job is a great way to reach out to others. He is very brave.” Maranda Agunzo

“His pictures were very great. The way he expressed his feelings through his pictures was great. The message he is sending to people about the wars in different countries is good. He is amazing by not getting too emotional while seeing people die and not being seen by the soldiers, risking his life to get help for the people in the countries. I would like to become what he came someday.” Mariliz Balbuena

“The pictures that you took were great and in my opinion, the pictures look like paintings.”
Andy Duran

“I am very happy that Haviv took the time to speak with us and show us some of his pictures. I’m glad that he does what he does because he is risking his life to save others by making the world more aware of things that are gong on through his pictures.” Brynette Stewart

“Photos look like paintings. These photos make me appreciate what I have here.” Kaseem Wali

“I feel that the events that happened are crazy and sad. He is a great photographer.”

“I really enjoyed Ron Haviv’s presentation. The pictures he shared with all of us were truly amazing. Ron Haviv is a good photojournalist. He inspires me, he helped others while also taking photos and letting the world know what’s going on. Some photos were disturbing, not because Ron made it that way but because all of this was real and actually happening. “
Jennifer Riccardi

“His pictures were really good. It was really good overall.” Sharnie Kunde
“It was a good presentation. I like all the videos and how he knew what he was talking about.”
Maurice Masmela

“It was cool- the videos, the speech, everything. There were no flaws, nothing boring.”
Johnny Concepcion

“It was interesting. It had two completely different places. It showed that there is a lot of violence in America.” – Tom
“I really liked it a lot, it was very interesting and jam-packed with excitement. It was also filled with information.”- M, WHS
“The presentation was very interesting. It was cool to have somebody we were studying in class come in and talk to use about what they have done. We had a lot of questions about Ron and he answered all of them for us.”- Nick, Washingtonville
“I found this very educational.”- Pamela Gadsden, Rombout Middle School
“It was very educational and very interesting. The photos were interesting. I felt that something had to be done, what happened to the children made me sad. I learned that you shouldn’t let kids go to war and don’t make fun of anybody by what they are.”- Lisa Hornick, Sargent Elementary
“I think that you sharing with us what goes on outside of our country and opening our eyes to show us how good we have it was a great idea. Thank you.”- Chloe Lee Carey, Beacon High School
“It was interesting to learn about and realize how bad it is in other places. You always know how other have it worse than the U.S. but when you see the pictures and video it is sad.”- Tatiana Hunter, Beacon High School
“That was very interesting but sad. I’m glad I know about Darfur. I learned that war can happen anywhere. What made me sad is what is happening to the children, especially the girls.”- Helandra Hall, Rombout Middle School
“Honestly, I can’t say that I liked anything because it was not a good life for the people but I did like the photography and videos. It was sad to know that kids in other places are very unfortunate to not have the stuff that we have. The children of Darfur are being put into slavery and being beaten and also attacked for confusing reasons. It is very unfair to the children.”- Corene Hendrickson, Rombout Middle School
“It was very sad. I learned that we need to help the people in Darfur. They are counting on us to help them. What made me sad was that the children were starving and they died after a while. I also didn’t like how people came and attacked Darfur.”- Namita Kohli, Rombout Middle School
“It’s fun and very educational and sad because it made me sad when the kids and adults got attacked. When I was there I learned that we need to be thankful.”- Lexine, South Ave. School-“It was nice to experience how people live in Darfur and what is going on around the world. The things that I felt sad about were that they had to run and hide and stay in tree.”- Aubrey Mions, JV Forrestal School
“It was a fun experience to know everything that’s in Darfur.”- James, South Avenue School

“I felt impressed because not everyone would risk their lives doing what they do to get pictures and stuff of dying people. It is amazing that [Ron] can handle it. I felt like it hit me in the face.”- Russell
“I thought it was cool, the way he took the photos. And I can learn a lot of things from his photos.” Paweennut Sukarome
“Well I thought Ron Haviv was a great guy. Ron Haviv showed a side of people I never saw in my life. I liked how compared that LA gangs to the war in Darfur.”- Tara Coorey
“I always had this need to help the people in those pictures you showed. I feel like I have to do something to make some change in this world, so I greatly appreciate you coming and taking the time out of your busy life to show us what its like in other countries. It made me more aware of what is going on in the world today. Thank you so much.”- Sasha Von DeFlier
“Your presentation was very eye opening, and it makes me want to do what you do. I felt so bad for the people in Darfur that are being affected, especially the children. I think it is the worst thing in the world to harm a child. The gangs in L.A. are really idiots, they want guidance but when it comes they push it away. They are so hateful, and make a game out of killing, it really makes me angry. You have given me the push I needed to actually help out and start making a difference in places like those that you showed.”- Michael Roberts
“I thank you for taking the time to come to WHS and show us what you experienced in other states and countries. I appreciate what you do because you put your life at risk everyday and you still do it because you love your job. Thanks for everything and I wish you good luck.”- Jason Elia
“I felt it was well worth it. Many things I was unaware of and now know I can make a change. I really thank you for risking your life each day for these many different causes. I believe you are a very strong and brave person doing day in and day out what you do. I just hope there will be more people just like yourself. Be safe and continue on.”- Jonathan Mosquera
-“I thought the presentation was well thought out. Looking at the photos and hearing about them was life changing. The picture of the starving baby that looked like a skeleton was burned into my brain. Thank you for coming to Washingtonville and sharing with us the information that you learned in Darfur.”- Robert Andrews
-“I felt the presentation was very good and touching. I won’t forget the picture of the starving baby, you could see the pain in his face. Thank you so much for coming.”- Kim Sadowski
-“I thought the presentation was great. It was so shocking to me how these gangs are almost like war. It’s unbelievable how it’s like a mini war we’re having right near us. Also seeing the little baby basically skin and bones was so upsetting. I kinda knew things like that were going on in the world but to actually see it was very disturbing. Thank you for taking time out and coming to our school to present it. I really appreciate it! It opened my eyes to what is really going on in the world.”- Elyza Robles
-“I think that the presentation was really good. I love it. I learned a lot and I really appreciate that you took the time out of your day to come here and talk to us. You are very brave for risking your life to do what you do.”- Nicole Milatz
-“It was very good presentation, it was good to visually see what goes on in the world. I’m more aware of what it’s like in other places and I think we should help. Thank you for taking the time to come to my school and speak to us.”- Andrew Lightbody
-“I found the presentation really interesting. I think its great that you risk a lot and travel around the world to get information so you can teach us what is going on around the world.”- Casey Gregory
-“I really appreciate that you came up here to show us your work. It made me realize a lot about what’s going on in this world and how sad it is coming to. I really appreciate you coming and sharing your story with us.”- Crystal McArdle
-“Very informative, I feel like I know more about Darfur now, after watching his video- same for the movie about the L.A. gangs.”- Brian Seeback
-“I thought the presentation by Ron Haviv was very informative and interesting. Its great that there are people like Ron that risk their lives to help bring us information about events going on in the world.”- Nick Leiman
-“I thought that it was interesting but could’ve been more entertaining and enthusiastic. It was too boring and plain.”- Ally
-“I believe what Ron had to say was very interesting. It was a little short, I would have liked it to be a little longer. The videos were cool, I thought he had some exciting pictures.”- Rob Mooney
-“I think that you are very brace for doing what you do. You show people what is going on around our own little world. It shows us what is happening and thank you for showing me.”- Andrew Melgar
-“He is very brave and he is very down to earth for the kind of job he has.”- Eric John Gordinear
-“I think that he was very interesting and extremely descriptive wit his work and very intelligent with his answers. The pictures were very interesting too and I liked his videos.”- Kristin
-“I think Ron Haviv coming to our school was pretty cool because our school doesn’t get speakers to come in very often, and there was only two classes in the room so we could ask questions.”- Melissa Mlynarczyk
-“I felt that Ron Haviv was very informative on why he does what he does. He made me get a better sense of what is going on in the world like in Iraq. He also made me realize that photojournalism can be a very dangerous profession.”- Damien Cortes
-“It was very interesting. The photos he took were great, almost flawless. The angles were great, the lighting, everything. I also liked hearing about where Ron went. I learned more about Darfur than I researched. “- Kyle Tymch
-“I thought the presentation was very interesting. I gained more knowledge about photojournalism, the tragic events in Darfur, and L.A. gangs.”- Ray
-“I thought it was interesting & well done. I learned a lot about Darfur and photojournalism.”- Deirdra Ivedke
-“Ron Haviv’s visit was very informative. I believe that he did an outstanding job explaining what he does and the dangers of his job.”- Danielle Vaughn
-“I think Ron Haviv coming to our school was a very good experience. It was very interesting to listen to Mr. Haviv talk about where he has been and what he sad seen. He also showed two movies that were good. It was a good experience and I am happy and sad to watch and be a part of it.”-Mike Morelli