War + Memory

Moving and beautiful show.

Powerful work... and sad. 

-Elena Smoleau

Very well done- much to learn here... Very powerful, many important messages and illustrations of the consequences of war. Thank you! God bless you.

Thank you. These kinds of things need to happen more OFF of the internet and in the real world in a gallery like this where it is all around you and you take the time to really look and let it sink in. Thanks.

Too painful to enjoy. What have we done to our young?

-V. Leveeson

Deeply felt, beautifully told, vastly important.

-Amy Perry

Thank you for giving us photos and narratives that will forever change how I view war!

-Barbara Stein

So beautiful and exposed. Thank you!

-Amy Myslile

Profoundly moving.

-S. Cardona

Magnificent, very moving.

Brings a tear to my eye, thank you for bringing this to people's attention.

A good visual experience.


Very haunting but beautiful exhibit.


Love it, thank you. Each picture showed the emotions of the persons.



The Beacon Portrait Project: A Visual Map of Community

Photographs by Meredith Heuer


Nice show! I finally made it up here.

-Mindy Katzman

Gorgeous! Full of character. Thank you.

-Betty Hart and David George

Thank you. It's so rare to see such richness and depth in photography these days. Beautiful. 

-Alison Rich

Beautiful show!

-Mike Quinex

These are really lovely!

-Grace Kennedy

Gorgeous color- so rich and subtle.

Stunning portraits- love that they are shot with film!

Finally made it in to see them printed, lovely! 

-Aimee Browler

Love the show- thanks!

-Katie M.

Very nice work.


Very nice. I really liked the family portrait on th back at the left.

Great show.

-Alison Moritsueger

Thank you for showing up the world.

-Jessie Morgan- Owens



The Gun Show

Curated by Neil Harris of TIME Magazine, this photographic survey features the works of seven American photojournalists and photographers — Jesse Burke, Ty Cacek, Barbara Davidson, Drew Ludwig, Jon Lowenstein, Pete Muller, and Erin Trieb — who share their individual perspectives on domestic gun culture.


A powerful statement about guns in American culture- the diversity of the manifestations and the consequences and imact. Excellent show- we need to get everyone involved in dialogue- "a picture is worth a thousand words".

-Nadine Nerhein

Important subject- glad you did this show!

-Willie D.

Powerful show- great job!

-Erin Giunta

Great show, beautiful town.

-Will and Aliahn

Very interesting exhibit, thought provoking!

-Peter and Angela Janecke

Thank you for putting together The Gun Show. It's a topic worth discussing and I don't seem to tire of seeing it revealed and brought up. I hope we'll put guns down soon in this country.


Stand and fight! Protect the Second Amendment!

-Mike Cavanaugh

Important work, thanks for showing!


Extremely scary show, but we need to see this.

-Richard and Alexi de Koster

On time! On point!

This country is so divided...

Excellent show.

-A Greene

Interesting show, this exhibition shows a lot about what our society has come to.


The Gun Show was very moving! Excellent photography, especially the victims of gunfire.


I am shocked by the fact that the photos of those holding and shooting guns are white and those who suffer the injuries are not...

Repeal the Second Amendment! Wonderful show!

-William Harris

Very important work. Thank you.

-Olga Mill

Thanks for another wonderfully depressing show. You are doing a marvelous job. We should have local schools run field trips to your marvellous gallery to help children see the world as it is. 

-Greg Georgi

Very interesting show- Nice to meet all these interesting people.

-David Link

Beautiful exhibit. I love the people and the portrayals.

-Angela Ain

Very nice work.

-B. Smeridan


Falling Into Place: Self Portraits

Photographs by Patricia Lay-Dorsey


Beautiful work Patricia. Thank you for sharing your journey!

- Heidi Russell

You and your work is inspiring beyond any kind of explanation. 

- Illich

You're an amazing individual and you have really done a fantastic job with your self portraits. My children and I really enjoyed meeting you. I will you all the best in your future endeavors. Be well.

-Cynthia O.A.

You took somthing and instead of being bitter, you made it better. Thank you so much. You have helped others in ways you will never know.


We enjoyed the show and the pictures are beautiful.


Moving, beautiful photos! I loved the journal entry.

-Sandy Weinbaum

A beautiful story told in photos. Great work!

-Nicole Araque

Thank you for sharing this with us.

-Aurora Agell

Just a magnificent show! Thanks for the look.

-Judy Winter

Wonderful, beautiful, honest work.

-Lorraine Regan

You are beautiful, brace and bouyant! Brava!

-Gina Flores

What a beautiful exhibit! Kudos to you. My mom has also suffered from severe RA for 30 years so I sympathize with you and all the pain and suffering.

-A. Birchert

Always a lovely bit of atmosphere here.

-P. Tuerney

Your show took my breath away! THank you for the honesty of your self-portrayal-- and for simply beautiful photographs!

-Barbara S.

Very impressive body of work. The images have the feel of candid shots taken by another photographer. Thanks for sharing this window into your life.

-Alan S.

Intriguing and glowing atmosphere, which the photos only add a sense of. Inspiring. Thank you.




Studio Mali

Photographs by François Deschamps


Thanks for this beautiful work and the fascinating artist's talk. Your work is exquisite- I love the portraits and te way they are complimented by the collage/ background/ frame. Congratulations!

-Ann VanBuren

Great exhibit!

You moved my heart with your pictoral impressions of Mali and its people. Africa calls to me.

-Sue-Anne Dropkin

Very beautiful pictures of the Malian people. 

-Trent Williams

Very moving and amazing photographs!

-Ellen and Michael Chenelick

Glad to see a neighbor.

-Deborah Cushara

It was an amazing experience to be photographed in the same way that you photographed people in Mali- thank you!

-Barbara Stein

Great photos- images of the face is like a picture within a picture.

-Mary Grenz Jallof

Nice store and fantastic photos! Love them.

-Kathy Havens

So fascinating, can't wait for the book!

-Nancy Catandella

The best- as always!

-Fran Smulchesh