Nights of 9/11

Photographs by Hale Gurland


Brings me back to that month after that. I worked at the site; I can smell it.

Seeings these photos, I feel raw, feel the heat of the smoke burning my eyes. I was teaching in Italy in a small town in Anversa degli Abruzzi. It was 3 in the afternoon. Our students only wanted to call N.Y. The lines were busy. We had no English TV. REI would come on and the only thing in English was "what the fuck.." and then the overnarrative in Italian. Everyone in the village came to see us. Tears and hugs. I returned to NYC at the end of September. I could hardly believe what I saw. 

-Sheilah Rechbeh

Amazing- Thank you for having the foresight to record the experience.

-Phil Heffernan

I love your exhibits! You always make such a social statement that keeps me coming back.


Wow, Powerful with a capital P!

-Sean Tomalin

Watched on TV- felt, what else is new? Welcome to the world.

-Sara Bleinstein


-Lori Mendel

I cannot imagine why people would do something like destroy one of the most important buildings.

Very cool and interesting.

-E. Freed

I think this work is brilliant, difficult and horrid material but powerful light. 

-JK. Boccio

Great Work. The rawness reflected in the work mirrors the event.

-W. Torres



Japan/ now

A group exhibition. Photographers include Christophe Bangert/ Redux, Peter Blakely/ Redux, David Butow/ Redux, Adam Dean/ Panos, James Whitlow Delano/ Redux, Digital Globe, Shiho Fukada, GeoEye, David Guttenfelder/ AP, Kyodo News, Dominic Nahr/ Magnum, Jake Price/ AP, Mainichi Shimbun Daily, Q Sakamaki/ Redux, Reuters, Ko Sasaki and Donald Weber/ VII


Very painful.


Thank you! Powerful.


Hard to imagine. Thank you.


As always, a powerful exhibition.


I cannot imagine the incredible disorientation of your home being so quickly overtaken and devastated by the forces of nature. These photographs are a powerful medium to awaken heart-sprung sympathy. My day is different for having stopped in this gallery by chance.


Amazing photos taking one on this journey of devastation of the people of Japan- thank you for sharing!



Nothing Like My Home: The Iraqi Refugee Crisis

Photographs by Lori Grinker


Wonderful work! 

-Ellen McAnky

So important- thank you for sharing!


Beautiful and informative.

-Ashley Borr

Extremely moving, quite exceptional photographs. 


Thank you.

-Alisa Algan

These photographs make us aware of the impact the war in Iraq had on the citizens of Iraq and their lives. 

The photographs convey so many stories of war and refugees. I appreciated the fact that the exhibit did not seek to include too many pictures, which often overwhelms one's ability to take in the meaning. Thank you very much for your work, the tears and the heartfelt and awful telling of this war. 

-Denise Kronstadt

So informative- absolutely lovely to share such an interesting dialogue. Many thanks.

-C. Vaughn

A great experience! Thank you! 

-Pat Lamanna

Thank you for your amazing photography conveying the lives of the Iraqi people. Very moving and informative.

-Karen Lovegrist


-James Pomerantz


One Block

Photographs by Dave Anderson

"Blue Maxine" is fantastic. Thank you.


"Blue Room" is my favorite.


Beautiful work, good to see positiveness in reference to New Orleans post Katrina!

Amazingly clear. Captured tone wonderfully.

Moving, opticallys pleasing and tells a story. Thank you.



This exhibit is about hope!

-Lori Adams

Great show.



Intended Consequences: Rwandan Children Born of Rape

Photographys by Jonathan Torgovnik


What courage and nobility resides in the carriage and faces of these women- Thank you for keeping them alive for us.

-Eileen B.

Thank you for bringing attention back to all of us to the awful days of this genocide. We need to know that the consequences are still with these people.

-Steve K.

Really moving!

Powerful work... Really beautiful. Cheers.

-Mollie McKinley

An incredible and moving collection. Thank you.

Your photographs are deeply moving. Thank you for the work you're doing spreading awareness about sexual violence.

-Ali Duffey

Horrific that women had to go through this! It makes you realize how lucky we are to live in our country! Very powerful!

Very moving, tough to digest, but beautiful imagery as well.

Thank you for your courage and compassion and for shedding light into the dark corners.

-M. Sheldon

Very powerful works and the weight of reality.

-Anthony Leary

Thanks for another essential exhibit.

Thank you. Bless you.