Dispatches from the Frontlines: 12 Women Photojournalists


Photograph by Evelyn Hockstein“Worth a thousand words. I am speechless. (Nina Berman’s) photo of the reenactment really strikes a cord. Good luck and congrats. Look forward to more.” Russell
“A must see keep the consciousness flowing”
“More, more, more! An exhibition worth revisiting” Lillian
“Important photojournalism that is show very well at Fovea! Thank you for the stirring, enlightening imagery”
“This is one exhibit that will leave me speechless for a long time.” Kim
“Brave, courageous! Thank you the photographers and Fovea for bringing these images to more eyes and minds”
“These photos lead us to take action to fight-the-good-fight. They motivate us to get involved, to write letters, to carry protest signs and to work towards justice and peace.” Beacon Mayor Steve Gold
“Giving credit to females in a male dominated world. I can think of nothing more worthy of an exhibition. ‘War Photographer’ rarely, if ever, conjures up images of girlfriends out there putting their lives on the line to get the story out, and working with a whole different set of prejudices while in the field” Susan Seubert, Portland Oregon
“Stunning and Powerful, thank you” Jenny
“Excellent exhibitions, thought provoking. This goes so much further than what I saw at the Metropolitan Museum yesterday. Powerful. A mirror.” Richard Bock
“Amazing photos! Thank you!” Gail Aniot, Ohio
“Excellent Photography-Amazing Women” Deanne Kulke, Witton CT
“Once again an wonderful exhibit” M.B. Stephens, Beacon

"I am Estonian who is so happy to see that you have been in contact with my tribal roots--the Nenit tribe. It was amazing to find something so small somewhere so big--thank you for this burst of enthusiasm"

"Evelyn-- Your stuff looked amazing as usual!"
 Janet, Annabel, and Lois

"Wonderful. The prints were perfect. More women photographers are needed."

"There photos rip at my heart, they shake me to my very core"

"Very intense show--have to come again to take in more--Thank you."

"Many photos with high impact. Don't know what was more affecting--Afghanistan or Texas in terms of poverty and misery. Thanks for your good work!"
B.F de Bravo

"Very inspiring. The photos capture the emotions of the individuals."
F. Blackman

"Wow! :) Keep up the great work!"
Rob Brett

"Moving show. Glad I came."
Tinya Seeger

Steven, Beacon

"Great show"
Karen, NY

"Interesting to see how women struggle in their lives across the Middle East and throughout the world. I think these photos bring light to their plight. People need to see this."
Erica, Fishkill NY

"Very powerful!"
Wendy, Cold Springs

Lynn Palimpo

"Go Rina!!"
Lorca Peress and Len Fusco

"Extraordinary--needs to be out here!"
Shirley Rauster

"It's hard to remember when I've witnessed so much humanity expressed in one place. These women photographers are amazing heroines the world--The images struck me to the core and a great release of emotion in a sometimes cold world warmed my soul--These people will not be forgotten and are etched into my memory along with the greater sense to reach out to my fellow human beings. Thank you for a beautiful release and the connections!"
Auh Lu Clement

"Thanks for creating an exhibit of women's work."

"This was our first visit to Fovea--and it definitely won't be the last! I truly enjoyed the exhibition on women photojournalists. Please continue. This is important work. Thank you!"
Zandra Estepa,  NYC

"Amazing. Everything. Especially the 3 PKK photos. Thanks"

"Best show I have ever seen, seriously. Thank you."

"Very powerful show. Deeply moving".

"Very interesting and eye for reflection..."

"Excellent show! All the Best, Patti, Dave and Everett"


Quotes from the Public and Students

“Kudos to Fovea’s educational program..for students to be exposed to critical current through the first hand words and images of the photographers is a rare experience ... The fact that this program is available to the students of Beacon, and in the frequency in which these talks occur, is a distinction in which the community can take pride,” -Doin' it for the Kids’ MAYKR BLOG Sunday, March 16, 2008
“I've seen all your shows and all of them are so devastatingly sobering, most of the time they bring me to tears” Franc Palaia, Poughkeepsie
“This presentation was amazing. I can’t find the words to express how moved I was with it. I am totally blown away by Mr. Haviv’s bravery and drive to do this. I am so thrilled to have been given the opportunity to go to this presentation” - A Beacon High School student after a presentation by Ron Haviv.

“Those photographs cut through my insulated existence and defenses. It serves as an inspiration to use my resources to pursue and nurture a world in which we learn how to deal with differences through means other than aggression,”

Anne Beffel, via email, on the exhibit “IT IS OUR WAR”

“I felt impressed, I felt like it hit me in the face” - A Washingtonville High School student after a presentation by Ziyah Gafic of Sarajevo

“Fovea is an important asset to our community, helping educate and inform,”
“I am wowed by the integrity and quality of the work exhibited here, and more importantly, its vital necessity to communicate these issues. Thank you!” Frank Ortega 
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